(What was once IntegraSoft is now InSight)



Quick Peek at Big Data’s Architecture

A Big Data architecture typically addresses data storage and query, It is important to understand its foundation before moving to a Just in Time Architecture.


Big Data’s Just-In-Time Analysis

Big Data's 3V's make it a challenge for a Just In Time analysis; to spot trends, make near instant decisions, and act on those decisions.


Big Data's Time Dimension

There is an emerging class of application where the result of a Big Data Analysis has an expiration time. ... Balance the Value of the Result vs. Time.


Welcome to InSight Software Systems

InSight is dedicated to helping our clinets realize the full potential of the information available to them as a strategic and tactical weapon in order to compete in the world today.

We specialize in a full cycle of services that starts with the social changes necessary to innovate via information all the way through solution architecture to final delivery.

We are not a "technology only" firm. We do not start with assumption of "Big Data = Hadoop". We look at the objectives of the business and formulate the best solution to meet those objectives.


Published in 2005 this book lays out the blueprint to Cloud Computing and "X as a Service".

"...Keeping a strong business focus, this publication clearly demonstrates that the current ways of tying applications to dedicated hardware are no longer viable in today's competitive, bottom line-oriented environment. ..."

Big Data's Time Dimension